Hair fierceness!!

Silk Press on Long Natural Hair featuring Clau


How is everyone doing? Most of you probably know this pretty face from blog posts on yearly length check.

If not, well Clau has been a client for a long time, she has a beautiful natural mane of 18 inches. Getting longer from year to year.

Her hair was already detangled when she arrived so we started with a wash, a deep treatment, blowdry and then the silk press.

Although she cut her ends 2 months ago, I made sure to revisit each area and cut what needed to be cut.

2016-09-13-18-47-14I did the whole process with Thermafuse line of products. She wanted loose curls so she could maintain her style using flexirods at night.

We were both really satisfied with the results. She said she would keep it for a week or so and come back for her favorite protective style which is a weave.

To book me or to get more information on my services, feel free to call me!

Cheers to an healthy & growing hair!

Have a blessed and productive week!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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