Hair fierceness!!

Jessica Alba Inspired Wedding Updo + Makeup

2016-08-31 19.29.40Hey!

Quick post!

My dear friend and client Kathy is a regular whenever she has a special event.

She wanted something elegant, flowy that looks effortless.

jessica-alba-braided-updo-backI was able to achieve her Jessica Alba inspired vision.

We started with a good old tight roller set with smaller rollers to create flowy curls and volume.

Then I combed her hair using my fingers (no combs) and added pins to secure the bun. I also added a piece for extra volume. VoilĂ !

I also did her makeup. She was wearing a beautiful A-line shaped peach dress with embellishment on the high waist.

Therefore, we went with soft neutral eyes with eyelashes and bolder lips.

She really loved it. I wished I had a picture of the entire look with the outfit!

Laurie HairStylist xox


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