Hair fierceness!!

Flavor in your usual Bob!


Quick Post!

Cynthia is a strong beautiful woman and mother. We always have great enlightening conversations when she comes for her hair. Divinely arranged appointments as I call them. She has been a loyal client for a long time.

The inspiration color was the image at your top right which we achieved beautifully: layer of strawberry, violet and fushia (but it doesn’t show that well in the pictures).

13397092_10156921358160184_727279515_oShe wanted to be bold and add some vibrant color in her bob. She wanted to give her hair total rest so she opted for the invisible part which is a good protective style option. As usual, I don’t use glue at all to do the invisible.

We both loved the result as well as her new boss! Lol. Too bad, the pictures don’t do the color justice.

To all my clients, thank you for your business through all those years!

Feel free to CALL me for your summer events!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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