Hair fierceness!!

My good friend, the most popular barber in Montreal: REHUL!


2015-11-02 01.08.58First time I heard about Rehul’s barbershop I was in high school more than 15 years ago.

The boys at my high school would travel by bus for over an hour just to make sure their line up were perfect because everyone knew Rehul could seriously hook you up!

High school fashion was serious business. Back then, brushes, vaseline and wave caps were a must!

We had to wear a uniform to school so we would use our sneakers, hair and accessories to stand out.

Having ‘good hair’ was not only a female thing. Boys were obsessed with having waves laying perfectly from the top of their head to their forehead. LOL!

rehulToday I’m shouting out Rehul Jules who’s a pioneer in Montreal’s hair game. We had the opportunity to work together on my hairshows several times and we have always kept in touch since. He is one of the coolest ‘lay back’ man I know. His work ethic, longevity and reputation talk for itself. Below is the information to his barbershop.

Congrats for a wonderful and ongoing career Rehul. All the best and many more blessings!

Laurie HairStylist xox


Picture taken by InstantGlam Photobooth


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