Hair fierceness!!

Wedding HairStyles 2015 Part 6: The Curly look + Makeup

image1 (1)

Quick Post!

Gorgeous and well spoken woman, Shirley did her hair 5 weeks ago. We installed the DJC curly. It’s the same hair I currently have but in shorter lengths. We did a middle invisible part (no glue, all sew in).

image2She was now going to a wedding and needed a little ‘refresh’ and she also wanted me to do her makeup.

Take a look at the collage on your right to see what I came up with for her makeup look.

What we did is plop the hair and I layered her hair even more to give it a natural shape. I will post a blog soon on the ‘Plopping’ technique for curly hair and weaves

You can never go wrong with simplicity. You don’t need a fresh new style to go to every summer event. Sometimes a wash and a trim or curling your tresses is just what you need as long as your face is flawless!

Have a great week!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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