Hair fierceness!!

Birthday girl, birthday hair!

2015-06-28 16.56.33Hey!

This year I had a lot of plans but decided to cancel them because I felt overwhelmed and exhausted before event starting.

Thank you all for the love. I truly appreciate it! I am indeed well surrounded!

Therefore, my birthday celebrations were kept to a minimum: simple yet meaningful. A few little surprises which warmed my heart. I am blessed to see another year with my loved ones and my son.

As I was caring for my hair last friday, I decided that it would be cool to straightened my hair to measure my length and also see how long it would last.

I have a confession: I have secretly been wanting to relax my hair. Why? Natural hair is time consuming. Time I don’t have with everything that I’m working on. Whenever I take down my cornrows and do the ‘unbraiding/detangling/night conditioning/wash/conditioning/treatment/styling/drying’ process takes me easily 10 hours in total. I will keep you posted. To be continued…lol

2015-06-26 18.13.02The photo to your right is when I just straightened my hair friday afternoon.Two days later, you see what it looks like at your top left (it was raining all day sunday).

What am I Most Grateful for? Wisdom and peace of mind! Wisdom to choose my words and my battles. Peace of mind in knowing that in Jesus-Christ, my future is already sorted out.

Have a great week and enjoy Canada Day!

Laurie Hairstylist xox



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