Hair fierceness!!

Protective hairstyles for naturals AND relaxed featuring My Sisters

2015-06-16 12.40.45Hey!

My sisters and I are all naturals (without relaxer) yet we all have different hairstyles and we like switching up our hair as well.

Change is good. Change is even better when your hair is protected while you giving it a break!

Who doesn’t want to look fierce 2015-06-16 17.15.12while protecting their hair? Nobody. It’s like a 2 for 1!

My ‘full weave’ technique has been proven over to give hair the needed rest and promote hair growth as well! No breakage, no pulling on the edges, no excessive shedding when it’s time to take down your weave!

This particular bob was inspired by Kerry Washington but my sister gave me ‘carte blanche’ meaning Do Whatever pleases
you! I always look forward to my clients telling me this!

She loves it and she has been getting a ton of compliments!

Have a great and blessed week!

Professional photo taken by: InstantGlam Photobooth. Follow us on Instagram and facebook @instantglamphotobooth.

Laurie HairStylist xox



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