Hair fierceness!!

I can’t keep Quiet: Resurrection Sunday!

2015-04-05 18.19.46Hey!

I hope everyone had a blessed and thoughtful Easter!

Last week was such a blessed week for me. I went to my church Le Refuge every chance I got. Bible study on wednesday, watching a movie on a 3 day miracle resurrection of an african pastor in 2002 at church and prayer meeting on thursday, baptism service on saturday where 37 people got baptized.

I have  been baptized 11 years ago and it is always so nice and emotional to witness others take the step and commit to Jesus as disciples.

All those events led to a wonderful service on Resurrection sunday. You had to be there to experience the power AND grace of Jesus-Christ. 35 people gave their life to Christ!

2015-04-07 04.03.01It is sometimes difficult to describe in words what God has been doing for me and through me in the past few months but let me say that my faith has been restored in the last few months.

After what I have been through, I had a lot of doubts and fears about quite a few things. I never gave up though, I kept working on myself and my thinking process one day at the time.  It now feels amazing to experience such peace and security! All glory to God!

2015-04-05 22.43.00Resurrection Sunday to me is a celebration of Jesus unconditional love, a commemoration of all the pain and suffering he put up with at the cross for my sins and also a realization again and again that Jesus is alive, impactful and that his love endures forever.

If you grew up in an haitian christian household, you already know you MUST bring out your sunday best on Easter! At your top left is what I wore to church on sunday.

Right now, I am in a great place on all levels of my life and I am so grateful! What a journey! So rough at times but oh so rewarding!

Sunday evening, with a few friends, I went to a spoken word and music christian show by Selah Art titled ‘Guilty of Love’. Such a nice week-end with great company!

Let’s talk about my hair a little: I am still wearing the same style since january with the silk base closure. I am still keeping my promise on on NOT relaxing my leave out. I am thinking of what to do next for april-may. My OOTN (Outfit of the night/evening) is on your left. It’s what I wore to the spoken word show while keeping the same makeup look!

Have a blessed and productive week!

Laurie HairStylist xox




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