Hair fierceness!!

My 2015 Natural Hair Length Check!

2015-03-01 16.33.16Hey!

Quick Post!image1

I am still experiencing with my natural hair every month or so but for the first time, I decided to actually measure my hair so in the future, I will know how much it grows every year. Until now I was just going with what I see.

My hair is currently 11 inches. I will measure my hair again in approximately 6 months or so.

2015-02-24 23.22.43I am satisfied with my progress although I feel like I lost a lot of hair (from roots as well as breakage) this time around after trying the Bentonite Clay wash treatment instead of my usual Shea moisture products. I feel like it clarified my hair way too much so I didn’t even try a new style, I was on mode ‘safe’ and did my go to flat twits and called it a day. On your right, a pic of my hair after rinsing out the bentonite clay.

I still like how the Cherry Lola Treatment makes my hair feel but I will definitely put away the Bentonite Clay back on the shelf for a little while.

Have a great week!

Laurie HairStylist xox





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