Hair fierceness!!

My 1rst 2015 Celebrity Hair Crush: Taraji P. Henson


Quick Post!

weave-bob-hairstyles-taraji-p-henson-2015As you probably heard by now, Taraji P. Hension aka the “queen of Empire” Cookie Lyon is no stranger to our TV screens.

In this new show ‘Empire’, she has been serving us with great acting, pride and laughter.

Her character makes the show! I’m always looking forward to what Cookie will pull off!

As far as her hair, there is something about thick shoulder length hair. Whether it is wavy, flipped or slightly curled, it is definitely an effortless showstopper! As long as the thickness is part of the mix.

This style have been on my ‘to do’ list for more than 6 months. As soon as I get free time, I will be going back to that length but this time, in luscious jet black strands! Taraji is definitely a great hair-spiration!

In the meantime, feel free to call me for any information or for your appointment.

LaurieHairStylist xox



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