Hair fierceness!!

First Sunday of 2015 : Half Updo with natural hair

2015-01-04 15.35.21Hey!

Quick post!

First of, let me just say that I’m proud of myself for keeping my natural hair out for longer periods each time. Although I will always do wigs as a protective style, I am finding out what works for my hair as well as developing my hair care regiment.

Starting your natural hair journey with a big chop is way easier with starting with 10 inches and plus. You have to play catch up not knowing exactly what your hair likes or not. It can be discouraging. But look at me: there is hope!

2015-01-04 15.46.05I wanted to try a style where my hair would completely be away from my face so I had a basic idea on how I was going to achieve it and played around until I got the desired look. I flat twisted the hair in the back.

I have tried so many styles from watching You Tube videos that didn’t turned out at all like I wanted (even if I found gurus that had the exact curl pattern, length etc as you). So now I’m just doing me, experiencing with my hair and trying new techniques every now and then.

I’m going back to extra protective styling tomorrow!

Talk to you soon. For an appointment, feel free to call me.

Laurie HairStylist xox




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