Hair fierceness!!

Natural hair for the holidays 2014: Flat twist out!

2014-12-28 19.50.58Hey!

Another year is ending. This is the last post of 2014. I want to thank every client and every reader of my blog. Thank you for your input and your support. It gives me that push we all need every now and then.

It is truly appreciate and I hope my blog is a great tool for hair maintenance as well as weekly inspiration.

2014-12-30 02.45.09I value your business and I also pride myself in having so many great clients! I can proudly say that my client’s hair looks healthy, strong and growing (with EDGES lol) underneath the extensions as well as without extensions.

2014-12-30 02.09.32For this holidays season, I wanted to play with my natural hair. I try to wear my hair out every month for about a week. I did my regular routine including a prepoo and I tried the ‘Cherry Lola’ treatment which is part of the ‘max hydration method’. If you are natural, you should look it up!

2014-12-28 19.26.58After my treatment was completed, I moisturized and sealed my hair before blow drying. I wanted to achieve  ‘soft waves’ look so I did 4 big flat twists. On your right (wearing floral print) you can see the result of Day 1.On your left (wearing black lace) you can see the result of Day 2. I moisturize, seal and redo my flat twist every night. Yes, it is a lot of work.

I love my natural hair as much as my extensions. I like the versatility and the natural volume that comes with natural hair but the downside is that it’s time consuming. As far as my extensions, I like the fact that it is extremely low maintenance and that my hair is 100% protected and growing in peace. I don’t see any downside to extensions, I mean quality extensions.

It’s definitely not too late to get your hair right for 2015!  Be safe out there. I will be in church tomorrow night as it was the tradition growing up in a christian household.

There is no better feeling then to give thanks to God for being able to go through a year as well as putting every desire, every goal and every project in his hands at the top of the year!

Praying that everyone has a solid start in 2015! 

Laurie HairStylist xox



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