Hair fierceness!!

Tapered Cut on natural hair!

2014-12-16 20.34.04Hey!

Today we are talking about natural hair. Betty, beautiful chocolate haitian woman and childhood friend, never relaxed or cut her hair! NEVER!

She always had that beautiful hair and curl pattern which made us a bit jealous growing up. Her personality is even more vibrant. She loves to laugh and have simple fun.

I wish I could upload the video of her reaction when I gave her the mirror!!! To die for! She started screaming out of excitement!! LOL. I will post it on Instagram tomorrow.

2014-12-16 20.06.03So when Betty first mentioned she wanted to cut her hair, I didn’t really take her seriously.

One week after I saw her at a family event, she called me to make an appointment! She had color her hair and it damaged her hair and curl pattern a bit so she said it was time for a change! On your right, a picture of her hair before her cut.

2014-12-16 20.04.19She said she gave me ‘carte blanche’ which means free will to do as I pleased. She said she trusted me. I showed her what I was thinking of and we made it happen.

Betty was extremely happy with the result and I’m happy she did it. Her curls are so gorgeous, why not show them in all its glory?

Be blessed and have a great week!

Laurie HairStylist :-p


Instagram: @LaurieHairstylist


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