Hair fierceness!!

Mermaid emerald/blue Hair and lace closure!

2014-12-10 22.04.24kylie-jenner-kris-jenner-blue-hair-466Hey!

As promised, a special post with the details of Jessica’s hair which is often featured on this very blog because she likes to try new exciting styles!

Emerald mixed with blue or teal has been a popular hair color since spring of 2014 but in my opinion, Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian clan really made it popular on social media.

2014-11-15 12.42.43-1Jessica wanted to try those colors as well as a lace closure (pictured on your left) with the option of parting it on the side and in the middle.

As you can see, the main picture on the right is the side part and you can see the middle part in the bottom picture.

The coloring process was long and tedious as I used different shades of blues and green but it was worth it when Jessica saw the final result.

I spoke to her this week and she said that emerald and green hair might just be her new thing. She’s feeling it and we’re feeling it too! Her makeup looks gorgeous!

2014-12-10 22.03.15


Hair Specifications:

– Client has natural hair with brown and golden highlights

– Full install (no hair left OUT)

– 2,5 packs of 16′ and 14′ + a closure

– Double parted Lace closure 14′

– Emerald/blue color done by me

– Loose curls with a flat iron


Be blessed!

Laurie HairStylist 🙂




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