Hair fierceness!!

New do Alert: Short Short Hair

2014-12-08 21.57.16Hey!

jennifer-hudson-bet-awardsI needed to do a protective style and it was urgent because my leave out new growth was difficult to manage since I decided not to relax it anymore.

I have been wanting to go back to a short cut for a while but I never got a chance to do it. Jennifer Hudson was my inspiration as well as Chris Jenner (the Kardashian’s mom).

I added a touch of color since I’ve been all black since June. I always wanted to try Platinum blond against a strong color and red seemed perfect for the holidays.

2014-12-08 20.36.40Change is good! Often clients tell me: Oh every hairstyle looks good on you! Well, I truly believe that any hairstyle can be accommodated to suit any face. Furthermore, I have tried so many hairstyles through the years that I now know which ones are my personal favorites and which ones are the most popular when it comes to friends and family.

Bottom line: If you never try anything new; you will never know what you like! Try it.

Of course this is a wig. You already know I am not dramatically cutting or relaxing my hair anytime soon. For more information, feel free to call me!

Have a blessed week and remember that Jesus is the reason for this season. Happy Holidays!

Laurie HairStylist šŸ™‚



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