Hair fierceness!!

Back with my Natural hair!

2014-10-19 16.55.26Hey!

It has been a little less than 6 months since I last left my natural hair out. Time really flies!

2014-10-19 19.16.54This time, it wasn’t planned. I have a little more free time than usual and knowing the next months are going to be extremely busy; it was now or never!

Last time, I tried the bantu knots. This time around I did a braid out.

I used Shea Moisture Shea Butter products to wash, condition
and treat my hair. I blow dried my hair using coconut oil then I used Eco Styler gel and Castor oil in each section. I did 6 braids in total.

image (4)Furthermore, I went under the dryer for approximately 45 minutes and wrapped my hair with a satin bonnet before heading to bed.

Last time, I lasted 1 week. Lol. What a lot of naturals don’t tell you is that it is time consuming! I can’t go to bed without detangle, moisturizing and braiding my hair again. My hair reverts and shrink back to its natural state within 6 hours.

I love my natural look. I also love the convenience of weaves. Let’s see how long I last this time. I know my sisters and a few of my friends are rooting for me! I feel the natural love. LOL. Whatever makes you happy, do it!

Have a great week!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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