Hair fierceness!!

Labor day Long Week-End!

2014-08-27 15.32.08Hey!

I have been talking here and there about KafeinSundays which is a new ‘social’ concept for classy fashionable professionals where each event has a specific theme whether it’s entertainment (spoken word, soul singer etc) or a social game who pushes people to get out of their comfort zone and mingle. As young christians, it was important for us to make sure we honor our mission and create a different atmosphere.

It’s the spot to hear clean and good music, form old school R&B to the biggest reggae hits of the 90s mixed with a little twist from our brothers and sisters from the islands. Name it, you will hear it! If not, make your way to the host or the DJ booth.

It’a long week-end, most of us are off on monday so why not take this opportunity to come experiment something new in a cozy lounge?

2014-08-26 10.01.59Tomorrow’s game is fun and simple! We asked all men to dress ‘fresh and clean’ while representing their own sense of style.

All the men will get an envelope. All the ladies will be given a fix amount of money to give to the ‘Fresh&Clean’ man/men of their choice whether it’s partially or totally. The man who ends up with the most money wins the CASH PRIZE!!

Let’s see what kind of strategies men will come up with!

10$ Cover All Night!

Special extended time: Until 3am
‪#‎kafeinlounge‬ ‪#‎kafeinSundays‬ ‪#‎SoFreshAndSoClean‬

For more information, follow us or send us a message on Instagram @KafeinSundays.

See you tomorrow, God’s willing!

Laurie xox


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