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Wedding Hairstyles part 5 – Saying I do: Bride edition

2014-07-23 00.04.11

When you think about summer in Montreal, you automatically think about how many weddings you have to attend right? That’s why this series was put together!

2014-07-23 00.03.13Beautiful woman Janessa is a regular client and now a good friend since we share a lot of  the same values. Her naivety is what makes her so charming.

Last year, she walked down the aisle and I was the chosen one as her hairstylist. She had one image in particular as her inspiration (which I can’t find anymore).

We decided to go with the inspiration meaning middle part, long  framing face bangs and a side curly ponytail. We relaxed her hair one week before the wedding. I should mention that Janessa has thick and healthy hair.

2014-07-23 00.07.08Hair Specifications:

– DJC virgin peruvian

– 3 packs: 18′, 16′ and 14′

– Natural wave and natural color

– Edges were left as a leave out as well as hair all around the crown

– Curled with a flat iron

– Used a bit of holding spray to make sure they style stayed intact all day and night

I love this style. Elegant. You can’t never go wrong with a clean look! And curls are romantic. Furthermore, the bride is an art of work herself! Thank you Janessa for letting me use those beautiful pictures and for sharing it with my clients. I genuinely appreciate it. I do a lot of brides, every single one of them promise me to send pictures but I rarely get them so again, thank you!

Don’t forget that July Special is still valid! 8 days left!

For more info or for a quote, call me directly at 514.743.0955. Don’t be shy!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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