Hair fierceness!!

My length check!

2014-07-06 22.38.13Hey!

Earlier this year, I did a post on my natural hair and length. For a reminder just click on the link

2014-05-11 20.05.04Two months ago, on mother’s day , I rocked my natural hair for a week. Lol. I needed a change and I wanted to play with my hair while trying different styles.

Wanting to go back to black, I had to use the other side of my leave out (the one that wasn’t colored at all) so I decided to relax it.
To my surprise, my hair is longer than I expected! I don’t have a particular strategy for my hair journey. I use good quality products mostly organic and sulfate free and I wash, treat and re-braid my hair every 3 weeks or so.

As an hairstylist and a licensed naturopathic doctor, I strongly believed that as long as you are alive and healthy, your hair will grow. I don’t buy vitamins or a specific product for hair growth because I eat extremely clean and I make sure to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals in my daily meals and raw vegetables. I don’t do unnecessary chemical procedures. Honestly, I just go with the flow, do protective styles as much as I can  and enjoy whatever style I feel like wearing.

2014-07-07 03.39.29This particular style is a U part wig and my leave out (meaning my own hair that I’m leaving out to cover the extension) is the hair I’m holding with my hand in the picture as well as my edges and the hair that falls on my face. Some would say I am confused and need to choose between relaxed or natural but I rather say that I am mixed. Lol. Some days I feel like going 100% natural and sometimes I feel like going back to a full relaxer.

For an appointment, feel free to call me.

Have a blessed week!

Laurie HairStylist :-p



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