Hair fierceness!!

U Part Wig with Lace closure featuring Denissa

2014-06-02 22.15.47Hey!

2014-06-02 22.48.44Summer has officially come to Montreal! I’m not complaining. I can finally hang my clothes outside and save on my electricity bill. And wear my maxi dresses everyday.

Pretty woman Denissa is super tall just like myself and she also has a daughter who looks just like her! She’s been natural for about 5 years and her hair is about about 12 inches long.

She had a few weddings coming so she wanted to give her hair a break and get glammed up.

2014-05-27 02.05.35She has about 4 packs of hair (14 ounces) ranging for 12 to 18 inches which I used to make her U Part wig and a 14′ lace closure. I don’t want to repeat myself so if you’re wondering what is a lace closure and/or a U Part wig, please check the previous series about lace closures and U Part Wigs.

For more information, call me at 514.743.0955

Laurie HairStylist :-p


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