Hair fierceness!!

Mother’s Day and my Natural Hair!

2014-05-12 19.06.42Hey!

Hopefully, everyone had a marvelous week-end. The weather was very nice in Montreal! Finally summer is on his way!

Since my supporters are mostly women and mothers, let me take the time to wish you Happy Mother’s Day!! Motherhood changes lives. It gives us purpose, drive, compassion, courage, understanding and so much more.

2014-05-11 21.12.37It is a huge responsibility that God gives us but it’s also the hardest as well as the highest rewarding job on earth! I am truly blessed to be a mother and I’m grateful to still have my mother by my side!

Yesterday I felt so alive and grateful. Motherhood is a powerful experience. I was honored and spoiled but the ultimate highlight was just to be in my son’s presence and experience all the little sweet gestures.

2014-05-11 17.07.42-1At some point yesterday, we wen to  the bakery, he asked me if I want chocolate for Mother’s Day. It was sweet even though I know it was manipulation. Starboi knows we don’t eat chocolate! 

2014-05-11 20.05.04As for my hair, I decided to rock my natural hair even though some of my ends are still relaxed. I was debating between doing an updo or bantu knots out. I tried my updo and it was pretty nice but was too eager to see what the bantu knots would look like so that’s what I went for.

I used Shea Moisture Shea Butter products to wash, condition and treat my hair. While making the knots, I used Shea Moisture Enhanced Curls smoothie with pure shea butter. I kept the bantu knots overnight.

As you can see on the pictures, there was one side that had better definition than the other and that’s okay. It’s about discovering your hair in another state and finding out what works for you, what products work best and so on.

Have a great week!

Laurie HairStylist :-p




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