Hair fierceness!!

Getting Involved in a community effort!

2014-05-05 21.13.37

Because I am haitian and I have the priviledge to work with beautiful haitian, west indian and african women, it only makes sense to support a great cause for haitians by haitians.

Last wednesday, april 29th, I joined a diversity of professionals to network, talk about the economic status of the haitian community in Montreal as a whole and also learn more about this new project called Projet CH: Biznis pa-m sé biznis pa-w. The energy was great, you could feel the excitment and the food by Natacha Supplice (from On cuisine à 2) was amazing!

2014-05-06 00.19.43Hosted by Dorothy Alexandre and Ronnie Dee, I felt proud and inspired to be among so many goal oriented and professional people. Refreshing to say the least!

On your left, a few of my girlfriends who are also business owners and entrepreneurs. We support each other businesses and some of us are in the same field which is hair care and maintenance of course!

‘Projet CH’ which means Consommons Haitien is Greg Excellent’s idea and the goal is to help haitian entrepreneurs to get known in the haitian community and also rebuild the relationship between consumers and business owners. We are the new generation of leaders and investors and we can and must use all our knowledge and tools in order to have successful thriving businesses and more importantly, satisfied and happy clients.

To know more about ‘Projet CH’, you can visit their website at

Have a blessed week!

Laurie HairStylist :-p


Photo credits: Hubert Photo & video (514-298-9171)



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