Hair fierceness!!

Bob action: How to quickly change it up!

2014-04-27 16.40.36Hey!

Quick but helpful post hopefully!

I have been changing my hair a lot lately simply because I get bored quickly and I want to let it rest as much as possible while patiently waiting for summer to join us.

I went back to the straight bob I had a few months ago (not for long though) and decided to change it up a bit by adding a few loose curls.

Notice how Starboi is being a trouble maker by trying to lift my skirt up? Boys…Lol. Smh.

This style shouldn’t be too organized and can be achieve under 20 minutes.


2014-05-01 20.25.561- Grab your flat iron or a regular curling iron (at least 1 inch)

2- Focus solely on the front sections, don’t worry about the back

3- Take medium to large random strands of hair

4- For less than 30 seconds, curl away from your face (going towards the back of your head)

5- There will be straight strands of hair here and there, it’s normal! Just grab them and curl them loosely for an effortless look.

If you try this look, send me your pictures!

Laurie Hairstylist xox



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