Hair fierceness!!

Lace closure Part 3: Update & Easter week-end

2014-04-20 17.44.13Hey!!
Most of us are off today so I want to take the time to wish everyone Happy Easter. Jesus is alive!

I’m grateful to know him as my personal Savior and even more grateful for the sacrifice He made at the cross which makes it possible for me to live freely today! What an amazing and powerful God!

2014-04-20 00.08.57I genuinely wish everyone had a blessed long week-end with their loved ones. Mine was great and it’s not over yet. Family, friends, church and outings, I did it all in the past few days. The weather has been cooperating so I have no complaints whatsoever!

As promised, more pictures of my lace closure and my Outfit of the day for Resurrection Sunday!

I have been been on the vintage side lately…and it never hurts to add a bit of gold and glitter!

2014-04-20 11.48.02HAIR SPECIFICATIONS:

I attached my lace closure to a U-Part wig that I made last summer.

My main goal at all times while having the wig on is making sure it lays as flat as possible because it is not sown on my cornrows. I prefer to attach it with combs as I don’t like to sleep with the wig on. By the way, the closure measurements is 3′ by 5′.

2014-04-20 18.28.07Even if  I’m about that life (LOL), the reality is that my hair is not flawless all the time! Therefore, I purposely chose a picture where you can see where the lace closure starts as well as the difference in the lace texture and my hair.

I haven’t wash my hair recently and I didn’t press my edges with the flat iron as I’m staying away from heat as much as possible. That’s why my hair is not ‘flawless’.  The only 2 products I’m using is Coconut Oil and Hicks Edge Control. I tied my hair at night using a satin scarf.

I hope this was helpful as this ends the mini series on Lace Closures. I will continue to show clients wearing it now that everyone has a better idea of what a lace closure is so keep watching…or reading. LOL. For serious inquiries or for an estimate, feel free to contact me via phone (not text or Facebook) as I only discuss prices by voice.

Last but certainly not least, I want to  Thank you for supporting me as a business and as a blogger. It means a lot. I am blessed to have such great clients, family and friends. Starboi says HIIIII!! Can you see the hearts in our eyes??? Yup we keep rising in love!!

Have a good one!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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