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Lace closure Part 1: What is a lace closure? (part 1)

2014-04-09 22.27.08Hey!

I often get questions about invisible parts, closures frontals etc. A lot of people are confused and I can understand why. Therefore, why not start a mini series specifically on lace closures?

I will answer the most common questions and also show you what it looks like. Nevertheless, there is a lot of information online so I encourage you to do your personal research as well.

What’s a Lace Closure? 

lace closureLace Closures are specialized hair pieces in which the strands are hand-tied to a lace.  The result is a piece that is sewn down to your braided hair that may be parted freely in any direction for a natural appearance without having to leave ANY of your natural hair exposed.

Personally, I like to leave very little of my edges out (maybe half an inch) to keep my hairline looking natural (pictures on your left).

Next post will be on the benefits of wearing a lace closure. I hope this was informative! Be blessed.

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