Hair fierceness!!

Shorcut: Mohawk meets fingerwaves featuring Maude

2014-04-01 21.48.31Hey!

Maude and I go way back. She was a model in my 4th hairshow if I’m not mistaken and we were also pregnant at the same time. Her hair always been super long but she decided to cut it a few months back. I’m not the stylist who cut it first but this time, she wanted to come to me. It’s always good to see old clients!

2014-04-01 21.51.55Basically, we lowered the sides, relaxed her hair and re-shaped the cut. The fingerwaves are not hard at all. I didn’t use any gel.

She told me after I was done that she loved it and that she never had the top so short. My belief on shortcut is that it should be short. LOL. But seriously, more hair equals more maintenance. Trust me, I have been there (from 17 to 20 years-old approximately).

Often clients who cut their hair for the first time are afraid to go very low in the back not thinking that it’s a lot more work to curl the back with a small iron every morning than to wrap their hair at night making sure their satin scarf or wrap cap stays in place.

I hope you like it as much as I do! I posted a video of this hairstyle on Instagram. If you’re not already following me, make sure you do @LaurieHairstylist

God willing, I’ll talk to you later this week! Can you feel spring in the air? Holla!

LaurieHairStylist xox



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