Hair fierceness!!

Client Portfolio Part 4 featuring Christelle

2014-03-24 23.18.11Hey!

Quick Post tonight!

Fashionista Christelle has been a client for years! She’s also very smart and persuasive since she has the ability to convince me to do this style over and over again. LOL. I don’t know how many times I vow not to do it anymore. What can I say? I love my clients!

Basically, this is a Rihanna shortcut full weave which can be done as a wig (and I prefer to do it as a wig- ask me why if you are interested).

Therefore, her natural hair is completely covered for maximum protection and rest.

I love her sense of style! It goes perfectly with this short and sassy style!

I can’t stress how much I love receiving pictures from my clients when they are all dolled up and ready to hit the streets! I don’t get to enjoy all that ‘fabulousity’ when they come to do their hair!

Thank you Christelle! This is YOUR go to style for sure!

Spring is coming! That means warmer days, fresh air and light coats and jackets! In one word: CHANGE! For an appointment, feel free to call me!

LaurieHairStylist  514.743.0955


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