Hair fierceness!!

Client Portfolio Part 2 featuring Jessica


Jessica came early december to get a full weave with cherry red ombre using my protective method.

Three months later, her hair is still looking great! YESSS I said 3 months (and a half). The picture to your right was taken just last week.

This is the perfect example of good maintenance and care as well as great hair quality!

She said she washed her hair 4 times in total, let it air dry while making sure the braids (inside) are also dry.

She uses a flat iron regularly on her bangs but she only straightened the whole thing whenever she has a special occasion.

The natural pattern of this DJC virgin peruvian is a natural loose wave as you can see in the picture below.

2013-12-09 21.17.05HAIR SPECIFICATIONS:

– DJC virgin peruvian

– Natural wave

– 3 packs: 1,5 of 14′ and 1,5 of 16′

– Full weave

– Red cherry Ombre done me

– Hair was left in the natural state at her appointment

I love it when my clients keep me up to date and send me pictures. Thank you Jessica!

Laurie HairStylist :-p



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