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Client Portfolio featuring Erica- Part 1 of 2014

2014-03-12 21.56.30Hey!

Portfolio series was started in 2013, it’s a very simple concept. Whenever I randomly stumble on a client’s photo, I save it (with their permission of course).

Portfolio is a tool for you to witness how my clients manage their hairstyle after and in between visits because maintenance is key!

Erica is a new client. She’s obviously very pretty but very down to earth and hard working. This is the first message she sent me:

2014-03-12 21.44.52‘Hello! I just saw your blog post, reported by Tee and I’m super excited! I’ve had a very hard time finding someone who even knows how to deal with natural hair, never mind maintain it! (Natural since 2000, pass shoulder length, have used Brazilian keratin treatment) I’ve tried weaves twice in my life, with horrific results! Lol! I’d like to make an appointment. Thanks.’

This picture (main picture on the left) was taken 2 weeks after her install.

We decided to go with a full weave using my protective method because she complained about damaged edges due to wig combs. She would wear wigs to give her hair a break. She also explained that the only time she had weaves done which was once or twice, she didn’t like it at all. She was desperate.

The length we used were 16′ and 14′. Her hair straightened is around 14′ so she wanted to go longer than her actual length.

2014-03-12 21.55.37This week she sent me another message as well as the pictures you see at the left. This is 5 weeks after her install. This is what she wrote:

‘So pretty after a wash! Excellent quality hair! amazing stylist. People are in are of your work! Looking forward to the next time! 4-6 weeks to go!’

If you want to help me keep this series going strong in 2014, simply send me your picture via text message, Whatsapp or by email!!

To see videos of my work, follow me on Instagram @LaurieHairStylist.

Be blessed and be safe!

LaurieHairstylist 514.743.0955


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