Hair fierceness!!

My NEW protective style: Back to BLACK!

2014-02-08 19.56.56Hey!

My hair has been begging for a break. My dilemma was not knowing what to do next. I was a bit stubborn because honestly, I like my usual style so much, I couldn’t picture myself with anything else. Funny how I always push my clients to try something new…well, in my defense, I had tried pretty much everything over the years. Lol.

Doing so many bobs for my clients lately actually inspired me to completely protect my hair in style with a long bob with straight bangs.

Last time I had a bob was in 2009. It was brown and definitely shorter. Check out the picture to your left.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to help me take better pictures but this is not an invention, long bobs has been really in style since Nicky Menaj (which I’m not a fan of) came out. I was a bit hesitant to go back to black at first but hey, my natural hair is black so who am I kidding? I knew it would suit me no matter what!

I’m realizing that I am getting older and that it is showing in my choices of hairstyles. Ten years ago, I was definitely ‘funky’ when it came to my hair trying all kinds of cuts, shape and color! What a fun journey!

Below, my Outfit of the Day for church yesterday. Sunday is my favorite day. Not only because it’s my day OFF but mostly because it is the day where I get to go worship God  with my son, sisters and brothers who share the same faith and also get nourished by the Word of God! I also love getting dressed up for church since I work from home.
2014-02-09 15.13.11


– Sew in wig

– Remi Velvet

– Natural black (1b)

– 2,5 packs: 8′ and 12′

– Straight UNEVEN bangs for a natural look

– Lots of layers in the back

– Longer in the front

Before I go. My friends, I just want to tell you that God is alive and he is very powerful. 2013 was an amazing year of personal growth for me. 2014 is a year of victories and tremendous faith!

If you are going through a season of confusion and doubt, seek God. Don’t give up. I didn’t. I could have many times but  I’m glad I didn’t. ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Laurie HairStylist xoxox


2014-02-02 02.07.55


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