Hair fierceness!!

Ciara’s Middle part full weave with ombre

2014-01-15 20.40.22Hey!

I don’t hear anyone complaining about the weather nowadays…looks like we have a little break!

Dapheney is a new client. Well she told me she came once before, a long long time ago. She said she’s been wearing wigs for the longest and neglecting her hair underneath. Therefore, she came to me asking if I could help with her hair growth.

Whenever a client ask me what is the best solution (as far as weaves) to give her hair a real solid break, I suggest a full weave (and I don’t consider the invisible part as a full weave). Why?

– lot of options when it comes to the braiding pattern

– less stress on your edges

– no direct heat on your hair

– no need to stress over blending your leave out with the extensions

The inspiration was Ciara since she is the queen of middle parts!

Hair specifications:

ciara-face– DJC Virgin Peruvian in natural wave

– 3 packs: 18′, 16′ and 14′

– full weave middle part (she has the option of parting it on the side as well)

– Ombre in a golden brown towards the tips

– Curls were made with a flat iron 1 1/4′


Feel free to call me for a quick consultation or for an appointment: 514.743.0955

Laurie HairStylist :-p


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