Hair fierceness!!

Length CHECK!!

2014-01-13 21.10.52Hey!

You probably heard me write or talk about my unique protective style method when it comes to weaving. This month makes me 10 years in the business (yup I can’t believe it myself, seems like it was yesterday) and I’m proud of my development as a stylist. I must admit I believe I’m the best in Montreal when it comes to weaves (yes I said it) and I’m not only talking about the finish result.. what goes on underneath while you’re seating pretty with your weaves and what happens once the weave comes off is even more important to me than the gorgeous Kim. K waves.

Although I don’t share my secrets, showing you results in the best way to prove that my client’s hair grow and grow healthy as well! No bald spots and the edges are intact. Of course, the client has to care for her hair in between appointments and I do give tips and suggestions of products to use.

Claudine has been a REGULAR client for about 5 years I believe. She’s been natural since I met her. When she first started coming, her hair was around 6-8 inches long.

2014-01-13 21.08.37In january 2013, her hair was a solid 10-11 inches but the front was significantly shorter. I trim her ends every other appointments as well as her scalp.

In most recent appointment, we took more pictures and you can see that her hair is fuller in the front and that it’s the same length all over. I would say her hair is now 13-14 inches long and strong. So much fullness. I love it!

The reason why I wrote ‘regular client’ in Caps Lock is because it’s extremely difficult to assist a client in her journey  if she’s not consistent in her appointments. I’m not saying you must be a regular. I have clients who comes faithfully once a year for the holidays and I also have clients who comes every 2 months on the dot. I welcome everyone with open arms. Just be realistic with your expectations of your stylist. Also realize that a weave which is not done professionally can cause breakage and bald spot. Salon XYZ can be great with shortcuts and color, it doesn’t mean they are the best at doing weaves.

With that being said, I only follow closely the growth of my regulars. I know their routine and regiment as well. I know they care for their hair all the time..not only when they witness breakage. I also can come up with different braiding patterns overtime to give some areas some rest.

A lot of clients witness tremendous hair growth just after a few weave appointments, if you’re ready to grow your hair healthy and strong, come see me, a professional weavologist! After all, my slogan always started with: Love yourself, Love Your Hair…

Laurie HairStylist xox



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