Hair fierceness!!

My Holidays Wand Curls

2013-12-30 05.00.13Hey!

This is probably the last post of 2013. I want to thank every client and every reader of my blog. Thank you for your comments and your support. It gives me that push we all need every now and then.

It is truly appreciate and I hope my blog is a great tool for hair maintenance as well as weekly inspiration.

I value your business and I also pride myself in having so many great clients! I can proudly say that my client’s hair looks healthy, strong and growing (with EDGES lol) underneath the extensions as well as without extensions.

For this holidays season, I wanted to do something different but didn’t know what! I have done everything from short to long, blond to black, straight to wavy to curly! So I just opted to add more highlights and use my curling wand to do tight curls.

downloadknow how to achieve those curls, please click on the following link which is a post from summer 2013 on How to get Sexy Beach Waves with curling wand

It’s not too late to get your hair right for 2014!  Be safe out there. I will be in church tomorrow night as it was the tradition growing up in a christian household. There is no better feeling then to give thanks to God for being able to go through a year and putting every desire, every goal and every project in his hands at the top of the year!

God willing, praying that everyone has a solid start in 2014! 

Laurie xoxoxox



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