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Holidays Guidelines

2013-12-14 20.10.59Hey!!

It’s that time again!

To facilitate my job as well as your experience, I encourage you to read a few of my guidelines during this joyful season!

1- Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment

It’s winter time meaning delays and heavy traffic. I work by myself. My appointments are back to back. If my first client is late, I can be behind schedule for the entire day so please always plan to be 10-15 minutes ahead. As you know, there is no waiting at my shop, it’s in and out! Therefore, being on time is so important to me. Everyone is busy nowadays so let’s make your day as well as mine run smoothly! Ask for directions and address the day BEFORE the appointment since I most likely will be busy the day of.

2- TIME of appointment and confirmation

I always ask what time is best for you. If you are flexible, I appreciate you telling me. I confirm the final time the day before the appointment. WHY? Because sometimes I get last minute cancellations or last minute appointments so the schedule changes. To avoid having to call back everyone, I confirm the day before in the evening. Don’t worry! My clients always get the time they want(30 minutes- 1 hour more or less). Therefore, I’m asking for your patience because I try not to refuse any client. If I can squeeze you in, I will.

3- Natural sisters: Prep your hair!

I ask all my lovely naturals to prep their hair. Following your wash, moisturize your hair deeply using natural oils and braid your hair into 6 to 8 sections (not more). Even if you use a blowdryer, braid your hair into big sections so it won’t shrink overnight. Coming with a non-moisturized air dried afro is not acceptable. Your hair should be manageable. I don’t like fighting with hair. It’s not good for your scalp, for your hair and for my shoulders and arms. If you need me to blow dry your hair, I will gladly to do so! Please let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly. Extra charges do apply.

2013-12-15 21.42.154-Let me know all the details before your appointment

I often have a conversation with my clients to talk about the next style or we chat via text and I always require pictures to make sure we are both on the same page. Why? Because ‘short’ to you might have a different meaning for you.

Of course, I can answer a few questions the day of the appointment but details such as color, length, styling etc should be clear so I know how long the appointment will last and make my schedule accordingly. Remember I work by myself so I kindly ask that you do your part and know what you want. I want to make sure you leave happy, satisfied and renewed. The easiest tool is my blog! Use it for inspiration!

5- Mothers with kids

As you know, I always have welcomed mothers with kids. If you are breastfeeding an infant or you know your kids need more attention, please consult me so you can come on a day that is NOT busy. Again, I work by myself, sometimes extra long hours so I need to stay on schedule and make sure I hold on to my energy as long as possible so I can serve you (and the rest of my clients) to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading my holiday guidelines. I wish that you have a wonderful and joyful holidays. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for your business! I can’t wait to see you and help your get ready to enter 2014 in fierceness. Remember that Jesus is the reason for this season!

For an appointment or for a quick free consultation, feel free: 514.743.0955

Laurie HairStylist xoxox

INSTAGRAM: LaurieHairstylist


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