Hair fierceness!!

‘What could we do next’ series featuring Jessica B.

2013-11-27 21.48.14Hey!

How is everyone dealing with the first snow?

I have to admit, it’s THE first time in my life that I’m actually liking seeing snow so early because I knew my son’s reaction would be priceless. Kids love snow! He was excited to put on his winter boots and step outside to make footprints in the snow!

Furthermore, shoveling is a good cardio exercise if you have the right technique and focus! Yay to the winter!

So Jessica’s been featured plenty of times on the blog. She works in fashion. She tried pretty much every style in every color, every pattern and every length. It’s easy to work with her because she inspires me, pushes me and trusts me at the same time.

Her hair is natural. So when she’s not rocking her natural hair, she’s looking for the next style to try.

What could we do next? It’s in the works… I heard Jess mentionned something about heavy bangs and red tips…Sounds perfect for the holidays season… to be continued!

Laurie xox



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