Hair fierceness!!

6th Celebrity Hair Crush: Yandy Smith

2013-11-20 22.30.41Hey!

Quick post!

2013-11-20 22.29.34New York native Yandy Smith is mostly known for appearance on the mega hit series Love and Hip Hop but before the series Yandy was a hard working women in the industry.  She has worked with some of the top rappers and musicians in the game.

What I like about her is that she is a young well educated business woman and she’s definitely about her business. She doesn’t get involved in the foolishness unless it is to help. Her net worth is around 15 millions. Yup! She’s a boss.

2013-11-20 22.30.16I mostly like when she wears her hair bone straight because it is quite different from the usual ‘Kim. K’ curls everyone has been doing for the last 3-4 years.

Myself, I’m thinking about trying the straight route before the holidays to see if I like it! I like long hair but I’m realizing I have been doing the same things (with a few short breaks and different colors) since my son was born… so it’s been 3 years! I will make sure to take pictures!

Until then, call me if your need my services!

Laurie 514.743.0955


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