Hair fierceness!!

Update on my Vacay Hair!!

image (5)Hey!

Just checking in!

In the previous post, my hair was laid. Not so much the next day though. Forget it: even with the holding spray, the island weather won the battle against the sexy waves made with the curling wand!

Although this is a vacation, I can’t spend hours in my hair on a daily basis because I am a mother first and if you are a parent, you know what goes on when you are on vacation with your kids. Lol. Ouf!

image (4)As I was quickly getting ready for dinner, I took down my bantu knots which I do consistently before bedtime or before going to the beach. Then, I went back to one of my favorite styles which takes literally 1 minute and 1 pin.

What do you think? Not so bad right? You don’t have to be a stylist to make it work! Just use your imagination and whatever you have as styling tools and accessories!

Enjoy your week-end & be safe!

Instagram: LaurieHairstylist

Laurie xox


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