Hair fierceness!!

Let me help you grow your hair! featuring Dannie

2013-10-15 22.24.36Hey!

Today I want to give you an update of my client Dannie’s healthy hair journey!

I often talk about my protective weaving technique. See the results for yourself!

Please make sure you check out a previous post I did on Dannie’s journey one year and a half ago so you know what I’m talking about. Make the comparison for yourself; her hair is clearly longer, thicker and healthier! Click on the following link:

2013-10-15 22.23.29Here’s the update:

Overtime, we got rid of all her relaxed hair so she could fully enjoy her natural curl pattern. Obviously, she has a lot of hair so she asked me to relax her leave out to avoid having to flat ironed often.

I was hesitant… but she confided that she was tired of the lace closures and wanted to see and feel her hair as a leave out. So I relaxed her leave out just to loose out her curl pattern, not to get it bone straight (as you can see on the top right picture).

Do you see the shrinkage (on the left) which is one of the signs of great elasticity? YASSSSSSS!!

2013-10-15 22.31.59HAIR SPECIFICATIONS:

– Partial sew in

– Natural leave out softly relaxed

– DJC Natural Bodywave

– 3 packs: 18′, 16′ and 14′

– Ombre done by me

– No curls: extensions were left in natural pattern

Thank you Dannie for trusting me with your hair over the years. Yes, your hair is a lot of work but I love it! I also love this ombre look on you, it’s my favorite to date!

Winter is on the way. Most of us usually rest our hair with different protective styles. To experience my protective technique with no hair pulling and breakage, make an appointment with me at 514.743.0955.



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