Hair fierceness!!

My ThanksGiving

2013-10-15 22.43.21Hey! I hope your thanks giving week-end was great!

I did a lot! I spent time with family by my mom for a dinner yesterday. I went to church, I hang out with my girls and of course, I was there for my clients. I had wonderful and enlightening conversations with my some of my clients which is one of the reasons I enjoy doing hair so much. We grow together, we laugh together, we get upset about life trials together and we also rejoice together whenever there’s a pregnancy, a wedding,  a new job, a commitment to Jesus-Christ etc. Thank you for trusting me with your hair and your life experiences. I love you and I appreciate your business.

My reflections during Thanks giving was the following: there is 2 ways to live life. You can complain and dwell on what happened in your past and what you think you need to have a better life OR you can be positive, prayerful while counting your blessings and grateful for all the things God blessed you with at the present moment.

2013-10-13 12.30.43What I realize is that all the strong women and men in my life have the same, sometimes worst problems than everyone else… The difference is their outlook on things and their faith! Strength truly manifests itself when we don’t let circumstances dictates your life and your future! I feel strong. I feel blessed. I feel excited about the future because I know who my Father is and the best is yet to come!

I’m grateful for my family, my dear friends, my mother, my wonderful son and his kisses , my support system, my clients, my neighbors and my family abroad. I’m grateful for the simple things: having a place to live, going back to school in naturopathy, being able to feed my son quality food, having christian sisters as friends, my son having his father is his life, having self love and so on. God is good. I love God.

Have a great week, enjoy this beautiful season and warm weather and look out for the next post!!!!



2013-10-13 17.23.32


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