Hair fierceness!!

*New SERIES* What could we do next? ShortCut Edition

2013-10-10 16.23.26Hey! Everyone ready for the long week-end?

My long week-end will mostly be spent with my dear clients, my church number 1 partner and of course, my loved ones.

Today is about another new serie!

The concept is simple as always. ‘Could we do next?’ is for all the regular clients who feels ‘stock’ and are looking for a change. The client and I are welcoming your suggestions and images regarding what style to do in the near future.

The idea came after seeing my longest and loyal client Vanessa today for a touch up. Although she loves her cut, she feels like she had this style for too long. She said it’s been 4 years which is believable but I had to remind her it hasn’t been the same exact for 4 years.

Within the past 4 years, we added platinum blond to her bangs, we shaved the sides, we did the Keyshia Cole curly look, we did the pin up look and so on.

I told Vanessa that I want her to keep her hair short. She stands out and it fits her business brand and her personality. It’s sassy and classy. We contemplated coloring most of her hair but since she has fine hair and winter is coming, we ended up declining the idea for now.

Vanessa told me I have until her next appointment to figure it out. She sounded serious. HELPPPPPPPPP!! LOL

Feel free to leave your comments below!

I still have a few spots left for the long week-end. Enjoy and be safe!




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