Hair fierceness!!

Summer RECAP: My favorite hairstyles


I chose my 5 favorite summer hairstyles which can be easily be rocked in the upcoming autumn season. Coming soon: my 5 favorite clients hairstyles! Enjoy :-p

2013-05-21 22.21.465- The classy PIN UP look

The only reason why this style is not in my top 2 is because it takes time to create. You definitely can’t be in a rush. You must curl small sections with a smaller iron to achieve this look.

Nonetheless, it is gorgeous!

This style is perfect for any upscale event whether it’s a special date, an important business meeting or a life celebration. I can guarantee that you won’t be miss with this ‘Olivia Pope’ kind of class!

2013-09-03 19.12.524- The Sexy Beach Waves

If your looking for a sexy yet soft and romantic look, sexy beach waves (commonly called ocean waves) is a great option for the upcoming colder months.

Again, this style is towards the bottom of my list because it can be time consuming but when done right, it lasts quite a while.

In my opinion, if you’re curling your hair yourself, a curling wand is easier to use than a curling iron!




2013-08-08 01.13.423- The Colorful Turban/Head Scarf

Turn down for what??? LOL! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love and wear color no matter the season.

If you are in between styles or you simply want to give your hair a break, pick a printed or colorful scarf out of your closet and create your own head Scarf (preferably in silk or satin).

To give your look a special touch, make a bow or a bun on top of your head to make a powerful statement.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk!

2013-08-17 00.03.122- The Headband

If you wake up tomorrow and feel earthy or bohemian, an headband could be the accessory that completes your look.

I wear my headbands mostly when I’m due for a touch up (relaxer)! It’s a great way to put the focus on something else than your hair while buying time.

Make sure that you place and comb your hair thoroughly before placing your headband. Contrary to the head scarf, it is not a cover up but more like a nice piece of jewelry!!



2013-05-10 20.49.491- The long Ombre BOB

Ciara rocked it best in the past months!

Longer bobs are the hottest hairstyles right now. Versatile, the extra 2 inches of length makes it easy to switch it up!

Whether it’s very soft or tighter curls (like the Pin UP look), this is the easiest ‘go to’ style!

Add some color! The Ombre look is definitely still in, If you haven’t tried yet, this could be it!

Our Thanksgiving holiday (canadian) is coming in less than 2 weeks, I hope this inspires you!

Have a blessed week and enjoy the weather!

Laurie xox



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