Hair fierceness!!

4th HAIR CRUSH of 2013: Tasha Marbury

2013-09-24 00.42.04Hey!

Quick post today!

New member to Basketball Wives cast, Tasha Marbury is looking fierce with her ‘not so short’ cut!! I’m not so sure about her being involved in the hair salon business (as seen in the most recent episode) but her hair always looks amazing!

Her hair gorgeous!!  It looks healthy, shiny and not over processed! Plus, she’s not afraid to change it and cut it  lower or differently every once in a while and pull it back for an edgier look!

2013-09-24 00.43.38

I often witness black women cutting their hair because it is damaged, not because they want a change. While cutting your mane is sometimes a necessary step to growing it back the healthy way, it requires the same amount of care (or more) than a long mane. When cutting your hair, make sure to not over processed your hair by only applying relaxer to your new growth (do not relax on your own- see a professional) , by alternating protein and moisturizing treatments (depending on your hair needs), by staying away from flat irons and making sure your hair is laid properly under a wrap and satin cap at night. Healthy shiny hair full of elasticity is always sexier and definitely more VERSATILE!


Laurie :-p



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