Hair fierceness!!

My third HAIR CRUSH of 2013: Keri Hilson

2013-08-07 15.39.58Hey!!

I have to give it to her and her glam squad! Keri Hilson is always on point while looking effortless. And she’s a gorgeous woman. Since she came in the music industry, I don’t remember hating one hairstyle she did.

2013-08-07 15.41.59Box braids has been in style for more than a year, thanks to Solange but Keri Hilson stole the show with her version of it.

Thick from roots to bottom (very important factor) and extra long in length, I can honestly say this is the best ‘box braids’ version I have seen thus far!

2013-08-07 15.41.00I’m not a fan of braids for myself. Nevertheless, I have been wanting to try box braids. The desire is not that deep though. LOL. Last time I wore braids was early 2010 during my first trimester of pregnancy. Personally, I find the process too long (installment and then to take off -ouf!) and if your braider is not professional, she will pull out your hair and then leave you with bald spot. Not cute!

Box braids are not for all types of hair or hair situation. Avoid Box braids if your hair is breaking or if your hair is thin. The weight will damage your hair. Avoid wearing them for too long. Avoid doing this style twice in a row. Moderation is KEY!

I will talk to you next week God willing!

Laurie xox



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