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How to get Sexy Beach Waves with curling wand

2013-09-03 19.17.09HEY!! Hope everyone had a great long week-end!

I couldn’t post anything last week due to an injury but I’m back all glory to God.

Quick post today!

downloadI bought a curling wand from Conair at Walmart a few years ago.

When I’m bored with my hair, I use it to give myself a different look. It can be time consuming but when done right, it lasts quite a while. In my opinion, if you’re curling your hair yourself, it’s easier to use than a curling iron! Here’s a few tips:

– Detangle well and use a heat protectant serum

– Use a glove to protect your fingers from a possible burn (usually provided with the wand)

– For a voluminous look, take small sections of hair

– For a softer romantic look, take big sections of hair

– When releasing the curl from the want, hold it up for a few seconds in your hand (or pin it up) to make sure your waves last longer

– To maintain the waves overnight, flexirods can be used or two bantu knots

2013-09-03 19.12.52Hope it helps someone!

Laurie HairStylist xox



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