Hair fierceness!!

Meet my summer assistant!

2013-07-13 19.21.28Hey!

July and august are always busy. Therefore, I’m blessed to have an assistant this summer. I’m even more blessed to be able to give back and positively influence the next generation of young woman regarding entrepreneurship.

Meet Kerrian!

She’s an high school student and she’s visiting Canada for the summer. She is also part of a school program called ‘Social services’ where she has to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours while school is off to gain work experience and personal skills like punctuality, reliability, courtesy to customers, attitude towards work, ability to master task given, willingness to learn, mature behavior etc.

She’s been mostly behind the scenes (she’s a bit shy I admit) making sure I have everything I need so my day goes smoothly and so my clients can be in and out while looking and feeling fabulous!

Please note that I answer the phone myself. I mostly do everything by myself from customer service to consultation to inventory to blogging to answering messages coming from text messages, email, facebook, voicemail and recently Instagram and the list of responsabilities goes on.

I pride myself in taking time with my clients for free consultations. Nevertheless, I sometimes don’t have enough time to respond within 24 hours. The last thing I want is for my clients to feel ignored or neglected. With that being said, I’m asking all existing and potential clients to be mindful and not waste my time by cancelling last minute! Serious inquiries only.

To make the consultation process easier, please look at my blog prior to calling, leave as much details as you can on your current situation (natural, relaxed, hair history, experience with extensions etc) and send some images of styles that you like and images of yourself can be helpful as well!

Thank you and I hope to talk to you or see you soon!

‘Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.’- Anthony J, D’Angelo

Enjoy the rest of the week! Talk to you next monday God willing!

Laurie xox



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