Hair fierceness!!

Natural hair? You can have a leave out!

2013-07-22 21.06.14Hey!

Jessica is a regular. She is also a natural. She contacted me to do her hair for her birthday. She wanted to re-create a style we did in the past which was a weave with her edges left out all around so she could do ponytails and chignons.

Nevertheless, when she sat on my chair, I noticed that her hair was not strong. I then advised her that the best way to protect her hair and make it grow was for me to braid it in a different pattern. She agreed.

I only left minimal hair on top because she wanted a visible middle part but I braided absolutely all her edges.

Please note that I only used products and my professional irons to straighten her leave out. The blending is quite perfect right?

Hair specifications:

– DJC virgin peruvian

– Natural wave 14′ & 12′

– Ombre color done by me

– Natural leave out flat ironed

-No edges out

You want your hair to grow strong and healthy? Holla!

Laurie 514.743.0955

2013-07-22 21.08.252013-07-20 11.34.31


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