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Mixed Chicks Product Line available at my salon!!

2013-04-15 15.20.01Hey! First post in 2 weeks! I hope everyone enjoyed the 2 past two long week-ends. I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting and busy summer! Are you ready?

When I went to NY for the IBS International hairshow, I met Wendi and Kim who are the 2 owners of Mixed Chicks. They were very down to earth and humble. How often do owners of big companies show up at the hairshows to actually meet and greet potential clients, retailers and professional stylists? I give them props for recognizing what matters the most: their clients and potential clients!

I also met Mixed Chicks senior educator,  Tory Hawkins, who is  20 year industry veteran and owner of Salon Tu Cozy in Atlanta. Tory writes editorials and interviews for many publications and visits cosmetology schools frequently to offer motivation and direction to future hairdressers.

mixedchicksThe class given by Tori Hawkins was titled Versatily rocks. Basically, it was an interactice product knowledge class. The purpose of the class was to:

– Discover and explore the history and origins of curly hair

– Understand the options of going from curly to straight without the use of harsh chemicals

– Learn about various Mixed Chicks products to achieve the most from multi-textured hair

The important points I kept in mind:

– Mixed Chicks line is about density and texture

– It is not necessarily for ‘mixed’ people; it is for all types of curls

– It is a product line in between ‘black’ products (often too greasy) and ‘white’ products (often too dry)

I always tell my clients that they have to know their hair best! Some hair might do great with Mixed Chicks, some others not so great. Samples are available at my salon for all my natural clients to try before they make the commitment to buy Mixed Chicks products.

Remember to ask for your samples at your next appointment while they last!

Never forget to love yourself, love your hair & put some flavor in your hair!

Laurie 514.743.0955

2013-04-15 15.20.26Myself with Mixed Chicks Senior educator Tori Hawkins


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