Hair fierceness!!

Portfolio series part 2 featuring Carla B

photo (2)Hey hey hey!

Some of my clients are really talented when it comes to maintaining their hair so it can be ‘laid’ at all times! Carla is one of them! Always on point; hair & makeup!  She was kind enough to send me this collage of the last style she did.

About the hair specifications, this is a custom made wig in color 1b. It’s a protective style as well. Carla sent me an image of what she wanted prior to the appointment.

When making a custom wig, the client comes, sit on my chair and I start making the wig on her head so the whole process is very similar to having a weave installed! A lot of people think I make the wig prior to the appointment. It can be done in a few cases but mostly, I require the client to be present so it fits their head perfectly.

If you are interested in this protective style, feel free to give me a call so we can talk about your options!

Love yourself, love your hair & put some flavor in your hair!!

Laurie 514.743.0955


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