Hair fierceness!!

Wedding and special occasions hairstyle

2013-05-20 22.09.49Hey! Quick POST!

My dear friend Natou had an important event a few weeks back and she wanted to look her best. This was her first big outing since giving birth to an handsome baby boy 4 months ago. We relaxed her hair and cut 2 inches one week prior before installing her weave. When relaxing your whole hair and then weaving it, I recommend to wait a week to wash and deep conditioned your hair to let your hair and scalp breathe a little and also to make sure there is no trace of chemicals still attached to your scalp.

I did Natou’s makeup and I also shopped for her two looks and styled her on that special day. Check one of her look in the picture below.

2013-05-22 01.38.05


– Remi Velvet color 1B

– Length 14′ + 12′

– Leave out and edges

– Styled with a 1 1\4′ iron

For more info or for an appointment, feel free to call me at 514.743.0955

Enjoy your week-end and be blessed!


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