Hair fierceness!!

Kim Kardashian look: Full sew in weave with a lace closure

2013-05-26 23.30.58Quick POST today!

Fanny has been my client for years and was also my first client to ever try DJC virgin peruvian (approximately 2 years ago) and I believe that’s all she’s been wearing since!

On the right, hair was curled with a flat iron. To maintain this style, use 8-10 big flexirods or simply do 2 bantu knots (one on each side of your neck).

The picture below is the hair in his natural state.

2013-05-24 08.13.27


– DJC virgin peruvian

– Natural color (similar to 1B)

– Natural wave (not processed whatsoever)

– 2.5 packs + closure (I would consider her head size to be small)

– Lengths: 20′, 18′, half of 16′, 12′ closure

Please note that I do not use glue to install the closures. I hate glue. I see a lot of damage and part getting wider and BALD because of  over hyped technique like the invisible part with bonding glue. Be careful!

Therefore, I avoid all types of glues. I sew down my closures. If you need more information, feel free to contact me via phone.

Have a blessed and productive week!

Laurie  514.743.0955


One response

  1. Julie

    J’aime bien … p-ê que je pourrais opter pour ça !!

    April 14, 2014 at 9:40 pm

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